A F**k It List?

I just read a little snip-it about Joan Rivers doing a F–k It List, as opposed to the popular Bucket List.  I think this is genius!  She feels that at her age, just go for it.  But I say, at any age, we should just go for it! This naughty but nice list is exactly … More A F**k It List?

Slim pickin’s?

I was recently having a conversation with an older friend of mine.  She is married and divorced twice, with grown children.  After a few glasses of wine, she began talking about her life and recent dating experiences.  I briefly told her my story and how my second marriage is…well, questionable.  Her first reaction was sadness, … More Slim pickin’s?

This Is Only A Test – A Sestina (Time for Poetry Challenge)

DP Challenge – Time for Poetry This Is Only A Test            You have placed upon me the burden of guilt. Like the mind of a child, you are unable to understand. Sitting in your pew, beaten up in the name of God the ordained old man regurgitating to his church how to think, what to … More This Is Only A Test – A Sestina (Time for Poetry Challenge)