Better friends

Before my husband and I hang the phone, we always say, I love you. We will be divorced in June. We do genuinely love one another and yet we also know that we are better as friends.

Maybe it’s our age and each of us already having one difficult divorce under our belt that has made us able to keep such a beautiful relationship. Whatever it is, I’m deeply grateful at the miracle because it is a miracle.

From past behavior, I never would have imagined that he would have been so kind and supportive of my decision to end our marriage as well as me moving away and following a path that makes no sense to me now, but I know it’s where I’m called to be.

Sometimes our deep friendship makes it harder. It makes me question what I’m doing. Then I remember the day our relationship changed for the better, the day we both became the person we were looking for within ourselves and in each other…and that was the day I said I wanted a divorce.

My choices may not make sense to everyone and that’s ok. My journey just isn’t meant to touch you or inspire you. But it is meant for someone to hear; someone that’s grappling with their inner knowing and fears around the future. My story is for you.

Whatcha thinkin'?

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