My moment to Shine..err..I mean, Whine.

Do you ever have one of those days when everything makes you want to cry, whine, or pout?  You’ve been warned.  (WAIT, don’t click that X!  The following is mostly tongue and cheek and meant to make you giggle.  I did not commit to a full-out bitch fest because no one enjoys that, so says my husband anyway.)

1. My son got snippy with me today. I honestly teared up.
2. The pharmacy wanted $102.00 for a prescription nose spray that was not covered by my insurance. NOSE SPRAY. $102, with a coupon mind you. Is there cocaine in this stuff? I wanted to cry.
3. The waitress at lunch today, whom I see all the time, acted like she didn’t know me. It hurt my feelings.
4. My internet was not working this morning. You would have thought my house was on fire! I didn’t handle it well. The only upside was that I was home alone. There are no witnesses.
5. I ate yet another Amy’s caramel chocolate nut something or other bar today. I am obsessed with chocolate these days (OK months, but who’s counting?) and I have no control over it. What is my problem? While training for my Barre Pilates certification, I have been exercising like Richard Simmon’s on crack for the last seven days straight! I have NOT lost any weight. I don’t need to lose weight, but I say this only to emphasize how much chocolate I have been eating!

The worst part of it all is I just want a free pass. Can’t women get a free pass once and awhile? I don’t know if it’s hormonal…Of course it’s hormonal! I’m a wonderful person! 😉 but, I literally do not feel in control of myself sometimes. My husband doesn’t believe in free passes, or hormones, or bitches can be moody sometimes (I’m joking people…laugh). My lovely spouse and I argued at lunch and sat in silence for most of it. So, needless to say, I would not recommend coming over for dinner this evening. I think I will lock myself in my room for the evening. I can do that, right? I wish. Mom’s can not do that. I’m pretty sure Moses wrote this in stone somewhere. We must put on our happy faces and frilly aprons and pretend. Pretend that everything is OK. Smile, you’re on camera (the children are the camera…in case you didn’t get that) Sigh.

Side note: As mentioned, I’ve been hard at work on my certification and now I’m taking off for 1/2 the month to hike in the mountains. It will be just me and my mom and maybe a few rattlesnakes. I have really missed reading and communicating with my favorite bloggers! Things will slow down towards the end of the month and I will be back again writing about all those happy topics, like divorce and sucky relationships 🙂 Or, if you don’t hear from me, I have fallen off a cliff and please send for help before the vultures get me or I have to amputate my own arm (was that too rough?). Sorry. I could never bring myself to watch that movie…now that was too rough!


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3 thoughts on “My moment to Shine..err..I mean, Whine.

  1. Ah, one of those days for you too? (Mine was Wednesday). At least I know that I am not alone. One good thing is that after a ‘bad’ day, the next day usually seems like a great improvement. 🙂

    1. True. I actually had fun writing that and it totally put me in a better mood. I hope it had the feeling of being lighthearted and goofy in the midst of a crummy day. 🙂

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