What makes you happy?

The Top Five of what makes me happy.

The latest Weekly Challenge is list writing.  A great idea that I thought would come fairly easy.  I had quite a few ideas, but when I started, my lists were fizzling out by number three or they just felt forced.  Not a good sign; however, one thing I have learned when it comes to writing is…DON’T PANIC!  Each and every time I begin to feel the pressure, I take a deep breath and remind myself that it is already within me, I just have to listen.  When I would take tests in college I would have these moments of panic and I would go totally blank, so this was my trick to help me past those moments; I’ve found it works well for writing too!

Today I want to feel happy.  Today I want to appreciate all the small moments that give me that smile, inside and out.  How many times do we hear that we need to stop and smell the roses?  So many times that it doesn’t even register any more.  Our responses are almost a programed, “Yeah, yeah, I need to do that.”  We are rarely present. I am always re-playing a past event or thinking about what I need to do in the future.  Therefore, I have decided to list my happy moments because I know when I am in them, that I am nothing but present.  My “spidey senses” are on high alert, so-to-speak.  I hope this will inspire you into more than a passing thought, but into the action of being happy in the present moment.

1.  I am sure many have noticed my Gravatar.  This is me in a moment of bliss.  It is a time just for me when I am sitting in the shade with my feet propped up in the sun.  I am so happy and content that I can’t help but wiggle and rub my feet together from the warmth of the sun that is literally baking my skin.  Maybe it is because my feet are always freezing and I’m like a cold-blooded animal that needs to store heat to make it through the night.  Whatever the reason, it makes me deliciously happy.  I may be reading a book, I may be people watching, I may be enjoying a breeze and my favorite drink, LaCroix,  but I bask in it because I know soon, someone will come and ask me to do something!

2.  Do you recognize, “drive with your window down” kind of days?  They are hot days, but not stifling.   They can be sunny or cloudy with the chance of rain.  They simply have a feel and when we are present, we recognize them.  When I recognize these days, it seems the radio is in tune as well (no pun intended).  Every song that comes on is better than the last.   I love sticking my arm out the window and rolling my hand in the breeze.  My fingertips against the strong wind seem to fortify me with energy and strength.  Today was one of those days.

3.  When my family is together, usually over dinner, and we are all in sync.  This doesn’t happen often with teenagers, but when everyone is in a good mood, these are heartwarming moments that are my favorite time with my kids.  In these moments, we are all talking and so engaged that we are fighting for “talk time.”  The conversations flow quickly and excitedly.  We are all present and happy for a brief period in our busy lives.  I treasure when we are connected like this as a family.

4.  Laughing.  Obviously, I’m happy when I am laughing but I am super-happy when I am uncontrollably laughing.  I am always aware of these moments because they feel so deliriously good.  My eyes water so bad when I laugh that I start waving my hands in front of my face, as if this action will do anything to dry my eyes!  I also laugh when I am nervous.  It can be difficult to control in these moments, which often lead to extreme embarrassment.  For example, I laughed through the majority of my wedding vows of my first marriage.  My body was shaking from laughing (and trying to control it) and everyone behind me thought, “Oh, how sweet, she is crying!”  No.  No crying, just laughing from nerves.  It was so bad that you can see me convulsing in the video taken from the back of the church!  As awkward as it makes some situations, I would rather laugh through my nerves.

5.  When the moon, stars and planets align and I know the answer beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Now, this does not happen as often as I would like, but when it does…it is a moment like angels singing.  I find that when I am in those moments of much needed guidance and clarity, I am usually stressed out and desperate for answers.   This is how I feel, but in reality it is one of two things:  1.  Me, fighting what I already know or 2.  Looking in the wrong direction and trying to figure it out for myself, thus making me blind to the answer.  The precious few times I have felt as sure as the sun will rise, are truly magnificent.

Bonus #6.  When I finish Monday’s Weekly Writing Challenge before Friday! 🙂


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13 thoughts on “What makes you happy?

  1. More people should list up the things which make them happy. They would see that not everything is as bad they think and the media tells them. Felt a little chill on my arm, when I read #2, thanks!

  2. The moment when it’s about to rain and you feel the air change, hear the leaves rustle in the background and you run for cover! Love moments like those!

  3. Great article! Laughter is definitely good medicine. I’ve learned that for myself. Besides, it can also be very contagious and just melt all tension away. I’m always up for a good chuckle! 🙂

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