This was my thought process the other day when I signed up for Facebook.  Maybe you’ll get a chuckle.

Is my fear of Facebook natural?  Some people have a paralyzing fear of flying and crashing to the ground; well, my fear of Facebook is pretty close.  As some of you may know, I just started my blog and joined Twitter this year.  These were reeeeally BIG steps for me.  To throw myself out there publicly was not easy.  I still struggle with my fears.  What are my fears?  I’m sharing many private details of my past in hopes of helping others, but I do not want my family involved.  I have children of Google age!   I also fear being judged by those close to me.  I’ve been there, done that, wish not to repeat.

I tend to be very distrusting of people, which further fuels my paranoia.  Admittedly, I often imagine the worst in people until proven otherwise.  Either my expectations are too high or I’ve been around  a lot of losers.  I think it’s the first one.  Not to mention, I am getting tired of everyone asking me if I am on Facebook (Related post here).  Can we not come up with better questions to propagate future communication?  For example, “I’ll call you!”  Or, let’s get really hi-tech, “I’ll text you and we’ll meet for lunch next week.”   I feel like a two year old, stamping their little feet because they don’t want to do something.  It is ridiculous.  I’m actually sweating right now with the thought of signing up.  Now, I’m laughing at myself.  Screw it!  I’ll be right back.

Ok, instead of the two year old throwing a temper tantrum, I am now the awkward teenager succumbing to peer pressure.  Obviously, I have some issues to deal with.  I feel defeated.  I feel invaded.  Do I now ask you to follow me on Facebook?  This is so dumb.



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7 thoughts on “FaceBOOKED

  1. I think everyone I know has a really awkward, if not dysfunctional, relationship with Facebook. You are not alone.

  2. I have been on facebook since about 2006 but I never (rarely) use it. I go into occasionally if my children are travelling as they post photos etc on there. That is all. I find that people tend to use it for trivial chats whereas blogging is used for opinions and is more intellectually stimulating.

    1. Ah yes, photos. I remember when people actually printed pictures on this shiny paper-like substance and then sent them out in the mail to friends and family! Now, our photos live in cyber-space or some hard drive we hope NEVER breaks, and if you want a copy to hang on your wall or your fridge, you have to print it yourself! My grandma never would have done that! Sigh, the good ole days!! 😉
      If I was not trying to promote my blog, I would not be on it. “They” tell me this is what I must do. I’m trusting the experts…for now.

      1. I did mean interesting in a good way. I could relate so much to your post. Thanks for sharing all that. I enjoyed reading it all. Have a great evening. Renee 🙂

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