My first Award Nomination!



I woke up this morning feeling a bit beaten up from the weekend’s trials and tribulations.  However, I have to say it was all melted away when I saw that one of my beautiful new followers, Christine (Tinfiniy and Beyond), had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  This was a tough weekend blogging for me and I was really starting to doubt what I was doing, so I am very grateful to Christine for her nomination and kind words.  I first “met” Christine when we each entered a piece for the Time Travel DP Challenge.  We each approached the subject from completely different perspectives.  Her history prompted her to look at this challenge quite uniquely.  I really enjoyed and appreciated her perspective (and even the mini-history lesson!).  She has continued to be a kind supporter to me and my quest, so thank you again, Christine!  Please check her out her recently new blog that is exploding already!

It seems my honored task is to nominate 15 of my own favorite blogs for this award.  So without further ado, here are my nominees (in no particular order):

1.  Teela Hart

2.  TK

3.  belsbror

4.  The Adventures of Fanny P.

5.  Positive Boomer

6.  Must be this tall to ride

7.  sweetlittlenetwork

8.  litadoolan

9.  The one thing I know for sure

10. For the wild and the free

11. Almost Spring

Ok, I hope I have not already failed in my first mission, but I am so new to blogging, that apart from the people I have nominated, I am not yet familiar enough with other blogs that I am following.

If you choose to accept this award, the first thing you need to do is thank the person who gave you the award and leave a link to their blog.  (You are not obligated to accept this challenge.  You can just smile because I thought of you!).  Then you have to choose 15 nominees (I hope you do better than me!), write 7 interesting/random facts about yourself and pass the award on.  It does take some time and effort, but I hope you will find it worthy.  I enjoyed looking through my favorite bloggers (Even one that is very new to me but just instantly loved!) and remembering why I appreciate them so much!  Some of you may have already been a recipient and in that case, consider yourself spoiled! 😉

I will now attempt to list 7 interesting/random facts about myself that I have not already shared in my blog:

1.  I went back to college in my mid-late 30’s, after my divorce.  I was very nervous because I had been out of school for a very long time.  My life took a different turn, so I did not finish my bachelor’s; however, I did finish my associates/three years of college with a 4.0.  Something I was very proud of, but it still bugs me that I did not finish!  Maybe someday!

2.  I have a strong dislike for fast food.  I am genuinely concerned for our children and the next generation who are headed for a life of serious health problems at the rate this country is going.  I don’t want to say too much on the subject because I don’t want to offend anyone, but if a child knows the number of his/her favorite meal at every fast food restaurant, I would be concerned.  Sorry!  No hate mail please, I just want healthy children!

3.  I am very thankful (and so is my ASS), to be a fitness enthusiast because since I have started this blog, I spend an awful lot of time sitting at my computer!  My husband and I run a few internet business’s together and I recently “quit” my job to get away from the computer, but I am finding I am at it MORE now.  I am trying to find a happy medium but blogging and social media (I’m new at that, too) are very time consuming.  Does anyone else find it exhausting at times?  On the bright side, I much prefer this over what I was doing.

4.  I am a serious Green Bay Packer fan.  And football fan in general.  I have my husband to thank for that I suppose. I was a Red Wing fan but his sport eventually won out (There are too many damn hockey games!).  I also enjoy fishing, anything on or near water, various art projects, movies, hiking (that does not mean trail walking) and music to name a select few.  Alt Nation on Sirius is my favorite music station.  I’m slightly obsessed.  I love to dance and can’t help but move when I hear music…even if it’s just in my head!

5.  I am a Taurus and I definitely fit the description.  Strong, Type A, stubborn, passionate, you get the picture.  I am a neat freak too.  I really dislike clutter; it stresses me out!

6.  My all time goal in life is to publish a book and my dream job would involve public speaking.  Yes, something that most people fear worse than death!  I would love to travel and do public speaking engagements about divorce/adultery.

7.  Speaking of travel, I love to travel!  I enjoy so many things about traveling, most being too obvious to mention, but I also really enjoy the simplicity of living out of a suitcase.  I like the idea of being mobile, no baggage (well, you know what I mean).  My “retirement” plan is to live one year in various parts of the country that I have fallen in love with so that I can really become…a local.

I hope this made you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  I want to thank all my fellow bloggers who have offered support and thoughtful comments.  You guys rock!  Well, TAG, you’re it!





10 thoughts on “My first Award Nomination!

    1. You are most welcome. I’ve been thinking about your last comment to me. I think I may have been wrong about you representing guilt and shame for me; I think it may be forgiveness. Maybe we can both represent forgiveness to each other in some weird way. Anyway, I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

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