Embracing a Bad Day

I woke up yesterday morning not feeling the greatest.  I felt overwhelmed and underwhelmed with life all at the same time.  I am quite confident that anyone with a pulse has been there.  With so many projects in the works and not sure any of it is taking me anywhere, I felt stuck in the middle of a maze.  All of my passions seemed to have dwindled to a spark.  Everything felt very unimportant .  Is this it?  Does anything I’m doing mean anything?  Is this my life?  I was feeling pretty low.

Every time I think of writing about a “bad day,” I think twice and stop myself.  I don’t want to put that kind of energy out there.  I want my writing to have purpose, whether it is healing, thought-provoking, funny, or helpful in some way.  Often times, I will write when I am at my lowest of lows, but just for myself.  I get it out onto my computer and then I simply delete it.  It’s cathartic.  It gives me great comfort because I feel like I have unloaded my burden.  I  have learned the hard way that strong negative emotions are literally poison to my body.  I then feel clear-headed and can move on without all the exaggerated, heightened emotions and get back to reality…which is never that bad!

I think there is a fine line when putting myself out there.  These words we read on our glowing computer screens can often get lost in translation or completely misinterpreted.  They are without the inflection in my voice.  They are devoid of my enthusiasm or pain.  All I can do is hope I group a few of the right words in the right sequence to not only portray my thoughts but to give something.  Hope.  A smile.  A spark.  A knowing.  I want to give something other than the ramblings of my very bad day.

My life isn’t always pretty.  I’m not always pretty.  But I am too aware to get sucked in.  I will only allow myself to hang out at my pity party for so long before I must put on my big girl pants and bail.  Maybe I have to take another look at something from a different perspective.  Maybe I need to appreciate something at that moment that I have been neglecting.  Maybe I need to take action.  Maybe I need to do nothing but sit and find my peace.  Everything has purpose.  Everything has meaning.  I woke up with a self-defeating mind.  I sat around and did nothing.  I had no motivation and I felt really guilty about it.

Then I just embraced it.  I found my peace with all the things I didn’t want to feel and felt bad about feeling.  And when I did that…I actually felt better.

Oh, and today was a better day!  Have a fabulous weekend all!



9 thoughts on “Embracing a Bad Day

  1. I’m glad you decided to write about your bad day. I had experience a bad day a few days ago. I felt completely overwhelmed and alone in this world. For some unknown reason my life lost meaning. I felt worried that I felt that way, but as you say, we all experience those days when we question everything. The next day, everything was fine again. I felt happy and on top of things. I guess we just need to learn to embrace those bad days, and appreciate the good 🙂

    Great post!

    1. Thank you Amanda! I’m glad you made it out of your funk too! The next day is always brighter, isn’t it?! Thankfully!! I think, like you said, our bad day gets compounded because we start worrying or analyzing when we should probably just roll with it. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I love this gentle, honest post. 🙂 And I love that you said, “I just embraced it.” I actually felt like I exhaled with you!

    Lovely, lovely.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It is so great to know we all have days that feel bad and that we keep going on.

    Blessings and light and wishing you an awesome weekend, too!


  3. Thank you for sharing about embracing a “bad” day. One thing that I always try to remind myself when I fall into the slump is that when life is shit be thankful that you are alive to experience the shit. I love this post and the honest emotions that are conveyed. Thanks again.

  4. You’re right that probably all people have felt what you describe in those first few sentences, but not many could put it so eloquently and I always feel that is something important as well.

    Many times in the past with a particular person they would say they didn’t know how to put into words how they were feeling, just that they were feeling negative. I always tried my best to draw it out of them by trying to describe it for them until finally they were able to say ‘that’s it’ and then on expand on that. It always ended with them feeling much better for vocalising their emotions and so better understanding them. I’m sure someone will have the same experience reading this.

    And I’m glad you felt better by the end of this too.

    1. Thank you for that. When it comes to my writing, I often find I have the confidence of a first time sky-diver so it’s always good to read nice things!
      It is a wonderful gift you have there, not to mention simply caring enough to take the time with someone. Nice.
      Have a beautiful day and thanks for putting a smile on my face! 🙂

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